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Ok. I got it.



  • X-Ray1181
    COSMONAUTI\'s team, looking for new players. Contact: X-ray1181 ciaocore05
  • Kieranmac16
    Can play anywhere you want but I have a good striker card 5ft 3 and agile to get in behind just want a good club
  • Dylanodave
    I can play LW RW CM CAM or CDM I can fit into any team very well as I communicate motivate and make sure that I’m always an option I’m not greedy and I also gain a lot of assists when playing with my friends
  • Looking for a club, play lw, lf, lm, lb, st Can score goals and play quick football.
  • paul_harj
    PS4 ST 88 96 Pace 90 Shooting Consistent Goal scorer Amazing player Looking for a club
  • yatesie84
    New to vpl would love chance to join a team play lw lb cm cdm
  • lucyizgaye
    ST looking for a team. Can also play LW, but I prefer playing ST.
  • team76
    DC/MDC recherche club sur PC
  • Cdm b2b midfielder looking for a team can play most nights..mic an years of experience
  • LCB Looking for a team to play weekends Fifa 21 PS4, experience in VFL VPG Also message me PSN- MrMAnderson1988 thanks
  • MidnightCCB
    CDM , CAM , looking for a team ! Reach out
  • BeaverBruhh
    89GK, had previous experience, looking for a team
  • JoshuaJW3123
    Cam / BTB CM looking for a team I’m top quality with the ball in holding up play or releasing the ball
  • Wrendinho
    GK looking for a squad, either normal time or late night. I have a mic and I\'m also willing to train whenever needed.
  • Hi I am new on VPL England. But I have experience on VPL Italy. I am and always been a CDM. Also capable to play RB and LB.
  • chuckielj
    Looking for team cam
  • PabloKemp5
    Hi, I am looking for a team. I am new in VPL but I\'ve high experience in pro clubs in other tournaments (IESA, EFA, ACL) I am a top CDM and CB, I am living in Ecuador, good bandwidth, IF anyone is interesting to try me out, please send me a message. thanks.
  • C1pr1anTank
    Hello. I have a team in VPL Championship Liga1 Romania. I serch player. So if you don\'t have a team and whanna join us, please contact me...only for serious ppl
  • ohtokyo
    88 cb very defensive minded
  • oduronie
    I play LM or ST.. i am available for trials. I have mic
    88 ST I have 99 acceleration and 98 sprint speed I am 5 3 so I like the long ball over any clubs interested
  • Sono un ragazzo italiano con 84 di overoll per il ruolo ATS e COC 86 Ps4 player
  • ROMEU28
    GK 88ovr, spanish and also can talk english, and looking for a stablished pro club in the VPL.
  • BeZd Tfue
    Gk 88 RB 87 CDM 87
  • gunnermatt91
    Looking for another club. Left midfield player Usually like to get the pass off straight away one touch football quick play. Pro 87
  • CABRITO1992
  • stovewill123
    89 st pacy and small with a good finish
  • 81TOT RM,LM,LW,RW am a team player i can be a rotation player:)
  • 81 RW,LW am a 81TOT so i dont need to start every game i can be a rotation player and am 13 with mic and almost 14:)
  • 81 RW,LW am a 81TOT so i dont need to start every game i can be a rotation player
  • ikill2fun
    89 CDM, no mic, age 23, i play in div 1 most of the time, i can carry your defence
  • DSuazo4ever
    87 st, 448 games played with 226 goals, 121 assist. Mature player with mic and experience. Looking for any team willing to give me a chance.
  • Jackbestjack
    86 gk age 12 have some experience have a mic and would like to play for a team
  • Never had this profile before but do have experience playing clubs... 84 cam/rf 84 st and 87 gk free agent
  • Alex3_RTG
    I dont\'t have much experience playing yhe LB position , but I think I deserve a chance
  • Saddemon1
    87 cdm 6.0 amr Looking for a club that is decent 5+ people I\'m 14 I have a mic I care for teammates
  • xOMGxDoon
    CM/CDM looking for club, free agent
  • Fraydipacc
    Cdm cam
  • SoheilSoSo7
    st cam cm cdm
  • alexniclo
    I can play anywhere. Even goalkeeper. Former LGFA player but now taking pro clubs as serious as possible. Main position is ST but I can easily adapt to any style of play asked of me.
  • ikill2fun
    89 CDM, also play RB and LB
  • iZenHamsik17
    iQ Hamsik 17, in svincolo prossimo da manguste esport. Att. Cerco team con esperienza serietà e ambizioni reali.
  • ivooptimista
  • OTF_A3
    Midfielders and defenders
  • SweatedXxx
    Lb 89 rated Xbox have a mic can play CDM CB lb RB . Looking for pro clubs leagur
  • iZenHamsik17
    Xbox giocatore cerca club. Tag Iq Hamsik 17 Ruolo att Vincolato (manguste esports) in attesa di svincolo.
  • looking for a club, will play any position you need, tho i\'m better attacking than defending
  • aR Bakeroo
    87 Striker, im tall and have a goal scoring right foot & i can head it! Add aR Bakeroo // Xbox one
  • Haitianroots
    How do I link VPL to my console?
  • yurazslb
    Im CDM or CM im looking for club add Yurazslb
  • mehdizaade
    CF CAM CM Mehdizaade
  • x Can23 x
  • Darkshard-v2
    Rm / Rb looking for a club I specialise in tiki taka football and can guarantee goals ( PS4 )
  • Pompey Talbot
    St or Cdm looking for a club. UK. Pompey Talbot Xbox one
  • Someone take me please MenderTheBender
  • alongso90
    My name is Jeff
  • hayden_lfc96
    88 CAM looking for a team calm on the ball can also play anywhere else in the midfield when needed
  • A4K-puyos
    Buenas, estaba en tigers gods fifa y se a disuelto hay alguna manera de apuntarme con otro equipo, no llegue a jugar ningún partido con ellos, como puedo solucionarlo, con quien me puedo poner en contacto? Gracias de antemano
  • RnS_Moty
    Rb, I\'m looking for club, online 23:00 Moscow time
  • myvia_tarrant
    I am 87 Cam looking for a squad
  • I am a 87 rated LW/LF who can score goals and make passes and I’m also a 88RB who can dish out passes defend well
  • 88 cdm 8.0 average looking for club
  • LB looking for a team very experienced player, played for professional esports teams and VFL , VPG exp i\'ve also won tots in VFL please dm me or add me on twitter ladylegendfifa my psn Ladylegendfifa_2
  • Chansen 5
    88 RB/LB, 88 CAM. Used to play VPFL trying to get back into it 🤙🏻.
  • Sin_intense
    I\'m a LB looking for a Team
  • Optic x Mert
    89 Left Back Defensive Type Can play our From the Back
  • AndreVidal90
    Cerco squadra, ruolo cdc,cc,es..esperienza in vpl vpg e fvpa..
  • I’m a 87LW who can score goals and can dish out passes. And I’m an 88 RB who can get passes all over the pitch and defend well
  • Im an 89 gk played in various leagues won xdl which is really quite easy 80% save and got a good schedule can do games before 9pm after that is my family time
  • AKA B47
    bonjour , je me permets de vous solliciter car j\'ai intégrer le championnat VPL avec la Elite Soccer 2 le 19 avril ,mais cette équipe a déclarer tout ses matchs prochains, je n\'ai plus de club pouvez m\'accorder un transfert vers les Pirates esport pendant cette période hors transfert??
  • The Viper100
    Free agent looking to trial for a VPL team. My top positions are ST, CAM/CM or GK. But will consider playing other positions.
  • Does anybody know when will the transfermarket will open ?
  • Cerco club possibilmente con gente adulta ah ruolo dc
  • eth09012
    89 GK have 3 season VFL experience
  • tool239
    Good passer like posetion game rb 88 rating
    Good passer of the ball not greedy can play ST, CAM, LM, RM,LCM,RCM,CM, and ANY message me if you need a good quick passer. None greedy.
  • FranKeyOh
    XBOX - Cerco club x competizioni, cdc 89 con 5 anni di esperienza
  • Looking for a CB (DC) and a CM (CC), only serious players. Club italiano
  • 88 Rated ST. 88 Rated LB. Sign me up plz
    88 Striker and Any, also play CAM. Club team I am in are 3 bobs can’t pass div 3 as any. Message me.
  • jamesdean1986
    I’m an 87 GK on PC. I’ve played 3 seasons on VFL and VPG on PS4 so I know how to play and what to expect. I’m a very good shot stopper and my distribution is very good. I’m looking for a solid team and would love to trial.
  • Asap lockart
    88 rated st looking for a club i am eager to play games played like 3games in the league but players in my team cannot commit to the club due to work etc so would like to move on
  • I’m a 88 rated striker/87 left wing. I like to play football and get in behind. Looking for a serious team to play a part in. I’ll put a shift in another position if needed
  • Capitano_2027
    87 rated CAM. 7 years experience on the job. Gives me nostalgia of a young messi. Looking for a new club.
  • AKA The fish
    90 Cdm. Played vfl before. Experienced Pro clubs player. New to VPL however so get it while its hot.
  • Andy_lou_2202
    PS4 looking for a trial / club. I\'m new online but an experienced Fifa be a pro player (career mode). I can play anywhere across the midfield or attack. I like nice link up play, with good positional and tactical awareness. Very unselfish player with good vision and reading of the game.
  • choppahoare
    Hi, I am looking for a VPL team to play with, I am a very good cam that believes in ball retention without the use of skills and tricks! Passing and moving is my game. I am very unselfish and easily 2 assists per game and approx 4-7 key passes. I would be joining along with a very very good CDM friend of mine who is a rock!!
  • MJ171207
    I\'m cdm looking for a club and my m8 a beast cam (balloon dor winner in past) wanna her back into this he gets lots of assists for our div 1 club and I like to sit and win headers, block, tackle and if in possession play quick and simple
  • shkiperX
    left back I play for the team сfc tayfun x box
  • SirArre
    Gk looking for late night team, i am player manager in VFL weekend League. So iam availiable to play Monday-Thursday.
  • Boycey03
    Xbox one Looking for a club Not new to competitive league pro clubs I am a creative player that always provides and looks to for the pass all the time. Team work makes the dream work. I can play anywhere in midfield or striker. Xbox one looking for trial.
  • Krusydi
    Looking for a team! (PS4) Experience pro clubs player but new to VPL Composed player with good defending and passing ability Can play LB/CDM/CAM
  • l ZeZe 11 l
    Cerco club serio ATT o AS esperienza seria A VPL - FVPA - VPG e Champions l ZeZe 11 l
  • I used to play for top 10 ranked Pro Clubs on FIFA 14/15 and also achieved a ranking of 7th in the U.K. and 14th in the World on 1v1 during this period. I’ve played in numerous Pro Clubs and 1v1 leagues and earned good money during that time. I stopped playing FIFA to focus on my career & have only just returned to FIFA so looking for a chance to prove myself again. Position: CDM PS4 Looking for a trial so please add me if you have anything available.
    Free to join. https://www.virtualproleague.com/portal/en/manager/roster/oficial/6022
  • SeTTheSnow
    ATT cerco club serio. Gioco veloce , palla bassa.
  • QOTSA92
    Hi, I am an experienced pro club player, mainly play ST or RM but can play anywhere. I am new to VPL but I manage teams on FGL and VFL, looking to trial for a club on here.
  • Can play either CDM Or CB 86 rating on both. Can play anytime anyway.
  • iFrequency13
    SoNiick13 Looking for a serious competitive team. CB position. Exp: PCN, FMVP (2nd) place, & runner up cup final.
  • tommyferg06
    87 cdm, 87 lwb, 87, striker looking for a serious team! calm and composed on the ball. if needed to put in a shift in a different position , no problem.
  • EP_Zeeb
    Playing in portuguese league very experienced 90 overall goalkeeper my discord is: Zib#0348
  • iandino
    87 stiker looking for a team
  • 86 gk looking for a team
  • FutMitch
    86 rated can play anywhere in the attack. Looking for an Xbox club
  • Cserti
    The Athletico07 BFC team is looking for players for the upcoming tournament! 1gk, 2CB, 1LB, 1RB. Requirements Be active, have a headset and accept advice. Platform xbox
  • Geoheart3602
    I\'m an 87 goalie, also can play fullback 86. I\'m still new but good.
  • BOSS1power
    faccio es , ad, ats , atd , as.
  • BOSS1power
    Sono 88 . Cerco pro club serio
  • bakket26
    cc e cdc 87 cerco squadra seria per divertirsi e vincere
  • SL Bladezz
    89 gk 87 st
  • AlonsoLinares
    Spanish 87 GK looking for a club, i have experience 1 year FVPA Spain and 2 years VFO Spain.
  • Js Mbappe
    86St-86 Cam Really good player with passing and Keeping hold of the ball also can shoot and score when needed looking for a team with a Top ANY Only! Willing to trial.
    85 RM 86 LB, all around player, looking for a serious team. Possession style player!
  • xSlingoz
    86 ST Lethal Finish looking for a club or trial
  • iCreativv
    87rf looking forward a team
  • nbafunds
    88 rated CDM looking for a serious team
  • steven187666
    Looking for a team 88 rated left footed striker , good hold up play , willing to trial
  • GloDreamerJR
    Looking for a serious Team 88 rated Main position is CM but can also play RB
  • Utookanldog
    Gk 87
  • 87 rated CDM
  • Js Weeksey
    87 St looking for team. Adults only 👍
  • SlickMovEzz
    Hello St or cam here looking to join a team anyone got any trials let me know
    Great shot stopper. Always look to pass out from the back using the fullbacks from saves and goal kicks. Been playing proclubs as a keeper since fifa 13 so I\\\'m very experienced as well as being a semi pro keeper IRL. (PS4)
  • gillo7797
    ATT/ST looking for team/ cerca squadra
  • TMR Phred
    Hi, we’re looking for a GK, we will play in Italy and we are training now for the next season for XBOX ONE. Write me on xbox one.
  • DerSyxGOD
    Schönen Tag, ich (Ernad) und mein Freund (Nik) sind beide 17Jahre alt. Wir beide spielen Zom,Zm oder St. Unsere Ziele sind es dem Verein so gut wie möglichst zu helfen und eine gute Zeit zu haben. Ich und mein Kollege haben eine jahrelange Fifa Erfahrung und eine sehr gute Chemie und können uns beide gut anpassen. Bitte anschreiben XBOX! GT: TheGiantKilla
  • RobinIcke_2
    I am a good Center back/ legt back/ right back. I have a really good posessioning. I am playing Pro Clubs for 4 years (PS4). My Rating ist 87/88.
  • SeTTheSnow
    Sono un ATT o COC 89 in cerca di club
  • Evas1veSZN
    I am a very experienced pro clubs player. I like playing ST or CAM and getting involved in attack, I haven\'t played much clubs this year but i am really enjoying it now and would love the opportunity to prove myself.
  • dunn l 8 l
    used to play pro clubs religiously like 4-5 years ago looking to get back in to it prefer to play CDM. I am someone who stays back in position unless needed to push forward
  • Best position: St/Rf Other positions:Cam Age:27 Mic:yes Experience: 6 years Like fast play and to play off other people if cant go forward never force it
  • BraBoyLtd
    Ive been playing pro clubs for about 2 years now for fun but i wanna try something different im looking for a club where i coukd play centre mid or right back if yu play me centre mid ill spread the ball around and look for the wingers and strikers making run if you plqy me right back i can attack or stay back depending on formation
  • Zeyzuu
    I‘m trying to get into the VPL scene due to me enjoying pro clubs. I mainly play Cam/CM, but I am quite flexible when it comes to positions. Psn:Snoosle
    I am a ST, RW,RM and a CDM.I play fast and make allot of run as well as switching the pace to my choosing by playing it back, I try to adapt quick. I am here to improve and I will.
    I’m a RB or CB and loves to defend and see the attackers score . Calm and composed and has crazy passing ...
  • winditank
    Best position: RB/LB other positions:RW/CAM Age:17 Mic:Yes Pro experience: 1 year
  • Dryden-RY
    Hi! Looking for an active club to hone my skills in, can play as RM, RF and winger, quick on the break while trying to improve on my dribbling. Willing to learn and pass, add me on PSN : Dryden-RY
  • LCB_111
    Midfield general at cdm Great reader of play, good tackling, set piece specialist.calm dictator of play efficiency at ball distribution As a Winger I’m dynamic good crosser of the ball can get in behind and deadly in front of goal
  • Dylanburns77
    6 foot 7 Target Man, Can finish an opportunity, Team player, Always looking for the right option.
  • ESPrubetota
    Busco equipo soy mdc pero tambien puedo jugar en la defensa tengo media 87
  • Rwews17
    RM new on the site
  • d2_dazz03
    88 CDM and RB very good in defending and good at attacking if needed and also a team player Psn:D2_dazz03
  • Traore I37I
    Gk looking to join a new journey and becomer better and help the team .
  • I Bazza 9 I
    Striker, new to the site HMU, very experienced.
  • jchain01
    PSN: jchain01 Main position is ST, can also play RW, CAM, LB, CB. 87 rated on ST & LB, 86 on CAM, RW, & CB
    Can play on either side for wing or full back Also play CDM Played for VFL Nottingham,VFL Tottenham,FGL Palace and FGL Juve 86-87 Gamertag:IRISHLAD127
  • GK looking for a club to join played 11 man/ competitive for a couple of FIFAs took 2 years off looking to get back into it class GK in my day HMU
    PS4 UK based player. Can play any position besides goalkeeper. My PSN is S4UCYDRILLAN9, message me on psn if in need of a new player.
  • Midfield General, Always dictating the game and bringing quality, experience and know how to the pitch. Previously played for top 100 teams on pro clubs. Looking to dominate the VPL scene. Message if interested. PSN is SuPerfectionist Because I AM PERFECTION !!
  • LosoArrogant
    Clinical LAM/ST. UK based (PS4). Available for trials. Message me. Currently in an undefeated friendlies team transitioning to pro.
  • ST/CAM
  • A-kizzle9
    88 RAM, Based in UK (PS4). Offensive threat, very versatile in play hard working and always creating opportunities for team mates. Available for trials anytime! Message me.
  • trendIv
    88 Striker , I play like Henry , or Modric in CM don’t miss out on me hit me up on PS4 , here or my Whatsapp Number 07568680375
  • rosstitute9
    Hi we are looking for a GK with some decent experience. hating burnley also gets you far. XBOX and in UK only thanks
  • Looking for a club - just getting back into competitive clubs after taking a breakfast a few years. Main position is LW/LM but also perform very well at CAM. Happy to do a few trial games as I’m not sure how else to get into a team until I’ve built my rep/player up.
  • 87 ST Looking for competitive club
  • AM_T3RROR_
    88 rated cm who can play CdM if you need-Message on ps4 or on here
  • 88 ST — Currently play in PCN Xbox Player - Message me if you are a competitive team only.... I am the standard....
  • iiFelix_7
    Top St rate 8.3 overall 90 looking for clubs
  • Top cb rate 7.7 ovr 89 looking for club
  • jssbe123
    87 CB 6’0 86 CB 6’3 Looking for club
  • Or can play anywhere needed as
  • Looking for a club, 88 ST. I’m on PS4. Message me on here
  • How to join a league???
  • Selim348
    I have a team but I can’t find out how to join a league, someone help.
  • Stimpy Garf
    Does anybody know how I join leagues I have already made a team but it does not let me join them as it says that i am not in the region
  • Lawbawz 90
    89-90ST, usually looking to join a team. Played competitive clubs for years mainly as a CDM or ST but looking to change it up and go up front full time. Message here or Lawbawz 90 on Xbox. Cheers
  • HeisenWB
    Cerco team posso giocare da ATT/AD/AS, gioco a fifa da una vita e ho un po\' di esperienza su vfl
  • Kr3Mas_
    st rw rm 88 looking for a team
  • maicolmachico
    Ciao mi chiamo maicolmachico su Xbox, cerco club. Contattatemi. Gioco in posizioni prevalentemente centrali. CDC, ATT, COC, DC.
  • SilverJ66
    85GK looking for a club Xbox one
  • XWest_AjX
    cam 89 looking for club
    i am looking for a club ... i am a CAM
  • Zayandroid
    87 ST PS4 Looking for a club
  • Doop YNWA 7
    GK need an XBOX Club
  • Im clappers till i die
  • l Cassie l 03
    88LB 88CB 88RB Need club
  • VFL ST/CF/CAM and GK playing looking for Romanian Competition!
  • Plexaa_AG
    89 GK and 88 rwb. Ps4
  • JezzaCorbz00
    89 gk xbox one looking for a club
  • ImRyseeh
    Looking for a team, pc origin
    88 gk or 87 lw looking for club
  • lewisgray
    vfl experienced st/ gk need a club. can play any position.
  • Hello! I’m getting back into pro clubs after giving it a break for a few years :) I’ve had pervious experience playing and team manager . I can play RM , LM & CAM I’m not a greedy player and I know How to pass and make the threw balls & crosses. :) Thank you for taking your time to read this. PurpleHaze
  • QOTSA92
    I am primarily a ST or RW but I am willing to play anywhere to be part of a team.
  • IQ GGAMER 91
    Cerco team sono dc esperienza wolves esport serie a
  • Rossco1911
    CB looking for a club
  • GiulboGamer97
    Cerco team serio su Xbox one , per contattarmi la mia camera è GiulboGamer97
  • GiulboGamer97
    Cerco team serio
  • Metrochenco
    Como podemos participar y hacer el pago de nuestro club para participar en la nueva temporada de liga España. Si ay alguien teléfono o algo

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