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Ok. I got it.

VPL Euro Proleague 2018 - FINAL STAGE XBOX
Team of the Week

XBOX 11V11

Team of the Week
Round Playoffs / 2018-06-06 to 2018-06-20

POS Player Name Gamertag team PTS
GK Luca ILuca13 eFC Wizards 152
CB Mario SuperMario020 RCD Espanyol 322
LB Mata RocksLife REALA VPL 72
RB Cancelo oP Zebrone eFC Wizards 118
Defensive Midfielder
CDM Fisher Fisher l12l RCD Espanyol 284
CM Borjita Borjiita8 RCD Espanyol 290
CAM Gvcci Gvcciii x eFC Wizards 279
LW SaLviTa SaLviTa 07 RCD Espanyol 206
RW JM Balles BaIIes Cádiz CF VFO 114
LF Kilian Kilianeltete RCD Espanyol 337
RF Santo IiLLuSion7I eFC Wizards 219
VPL Euro Proleague 2018 - FINAL STAGE
Championship Team
Round Playoffs / 2018-06-06 to 2018-06-20
01 ILuca13
eFC Wizards
02 SuperMario020
RCD Espanyol
03 RocksLife
04 oP Zebrone
eFC Wizards
05 Fisher l12l
RCD Espanyol
06 SaLviTa 07
RCD Espanyol
07 BaIIes
Cádiz CF VFO
10 Borjiita8
RCD Espanyol
08 Gvcciii x
eFC Wizards
09 Kilianeltete
RCD Espanyol
11 IiLLuSion7I
eFC Wizards