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Ok. I got it.


This is a one night Tournament, held once a month on the first Tuesday of each month.


- Tournament System

  1. The Cup operates with a limit of 32 Teams.

  2. 8 groups of 4 Teams

  3. Top 2 of each Group will progress to the knockout stages.

  4. Knockout stages are single games, if a draw at the end of the game - Extra Time and Penalties will be required.

- Game Times

Groups Stage

Group Match 1 - 8:30pm GMT 0

Group Match 2 - 9:00pm GMT 0

Group Match 3 - 9:30pm GMT 0

Finals Stage

RO16 - 10:00pm GMT 0

QF - 10:30pm GMT 0

SF - 11:00pm GMT 0

Final - 11:30pm GMT 0

GMT +0 // Portugal - England
GMT +1 // Italy - Spain - France - Poland - Germany

- Pre Game Rules

  1. Teams Rosters on virtualproleague.com will not be taken into consideration for the VPL Challengers Cup.

  2. Managers Must Submit their full Player List in the Official VPL Challengers Cup Discord - https://discord.gg/jKRUCxe

  3. Managers may only use a 5 minute grace period after the official kick off time.

  4. Home Team will Invite the Away Team.

  5. Teams have 3 chances to start the game, if on the third attempt there is still an issue.. The game must be played regardless.

- In Game Rules

  1. Teams are required to field a minimum of 11 Players.

  2. Teams must use a ‘ANY’ role - This is mandatory.

  3. Teams must have a Goalkeeper - This is mandatory

  4. Time wasting is forbidden, proof will be required when making a claim.

- Fair play and general conduct

  1. To ensure smooth progress in competitions, we should invite the players and managers not to talk if they don’t agree, but we invite themselves to compliment or encourage each one if necessary;

Staff is required to RESPECT these Rules.