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1. Conditions of acceptance of a player in the league or cup VPL:

2. Requirements Clubs:

3. Time Match and qualifications type

4. Agreements Matches

5. Pre-Match

6. Management of the meeting and complaints

7. Disciplinary Player

8. In the event of a tie

9. Market and engagements:

10. Fair play and the general conduct and punishments


The VPL is also seriousness, and the Federation doesn’t tolerate indifference, nobody is forced to do anything, but ... when you decide to be part of that community you must comply with the Mandatory Rules to avoid being get away! 

General Rules 

To participate in the VPL competition, all captains and players comply with the written rules below. Participating in the VPL competitions Club and Player have accepted the following rules. All complaints regarding the competition will be determined by reading the rules and these can not be ignored once the Club are validated to the VPL Federation. 

This Regulation must be read and applied to all the clubs and the players involved in our competitions. Examination and application of the various points are the responsibility of the Manager of the Club.


  1. Each player may only have one club at a time; 

  2. Each player can have only one account on the VPL; 

  3. A member of the VPL is obliged to write his PSN / GAMERTAG / ORIGIN, exactly the same in the VPL website as is in the platform, any identification not IDENTICAL to the tag in the platform, will bring penalties to the team in terms of losing the game.


The Club to play the international Cups must have the following requirements: 

  1.  10 Players on the field MINIMUM 


  3. 15 players in the roster minimum, max 25


The match will be disputed before the expiry of it. You can check through the MY CALENDAR page

The hours of the meetings will vary depending on the country of origin. 


  1. Agreements match will be taken on the Management VPL Manager; every manager will write in the "encounter chat page", to offer day and time for the match dispute.

  2. Tools agreements Extras: Any type of external agreement (whatsapp, facebook, skype) will be taken in consideration in case of communication problems between the team captains.

  3. No agreements: If neither of the two captains writes in the discord channel of the Management, the game will be played on sunday default as rules say; In the case of a match not played, the staff will have the right to decide the fortunes assigning reprimand or penalty points to the Club. 

  4. Server or platform Issues : If you experience network bugs or game server updates, the staff reserves the right to postpone one or more not played matches because of these drawbacks. 

  5. Agreements Methodologies If both managers agree another day and or hour and vpl staff members accept, the day agreed  it's the default day and hour,to be changed both teams and VPL staff have to agree again 


  1. If the game crashes for both teams, the home team send invite to resume the game with the result of the game before crash counting and only play the minutes missing from the previous game exactly with the same players, can’t change or add no one.

  2. The home team has the responsibility to invite the opposing team; 

  3. Managers must ensure the time and the day of the match; 

  4. A delay of 10 minutes is tolerated,it is advisable to send an opponent communication for any delay (eg. Bugs room, player disconnection, server load issues, all to give RESPECT opponent); 

  5. In case of delay of 11 minutes more, you can send a check for meeting on the VPL Manager; then the staff will decide whether to accept the report or not, as far as possible;

  6. There will be no match connection test. You can still agree with the opposing captain for a quick connection test, maximum 2.5 minutes of game per club with a total of 5 minutes. 

  7. The game will start at minute 0 ', when it takes the kickoff. In the event of a crash of a player in the first 10 'minutes or relative lag problem, a team can go out regularly replaying the match. In case of withdrawal after 10 'minutes, the team that has dropped loses by forfeit.

  8. If any goal is scored when a team is backing out (just in the moment of the beginning of the game) will only count if the team that gets the goal is trying to dispute the game (ball) ,if all players are baking out without  dispute the ball the goal is not valid.

  9. Each club has a maximum of 2 Connection attempts,the 3nd attempt the game shall proceed without abandon.


  1. Complaints, in order to be valid, must be reported no later than 3 hours after completion of the Final Report. 

  2. In case of problems related to any kind of fraud (eg player not registered, unsportsmanlike play on the goalkeeper, any bugs or glitches game) the game will be played entirely, the claim demand must be presented in the section referred to VPL Manager on the page of your meeting with the evidence card holder attached to it, otherwise it will not be considered (must present a video clip with DVR, Twitch, video Smartphone or screenshots and specify minutes and seconds to facilitate the check by the staff); if the staff holds the truthfulness of the claim, it will assign penalty points and / or any disqualification to the captains of the club reported. 

  3. All acts of anti-game events at the goalkeeper voluntarily are forbidden (ie the punishment), the Club is subject to sanctions, this can range from a warning to penalty points. 

  4. Every manager or co manager must put the link of the video match report in the next 24 hours max after the game has been played . In case of a problem (like the video report upload) the Manager or Co Manager must have to contact the staff to solve the problem. 

  5. It's mandatory to show the PSN / GAMERTAG / ORIGIN of the players on the pitch at the end of the match or at half time in the video of stats. Video tutorial

  6. Managers who do not meet the report within the period specified above, will see the team be penalized (first time with yellow card for Manager and Co Manager, second time yellow card to all team players from there on begin losing points in the group stage or can lose the game by default in the final stage.) 


  1. The accumulation of yellow cards is under the control of the Manager of the Club.its possible to see in the vpl website in the game schedule.

  2. The suspension from the match comes to achieving 3 Yellow Cards; If the sum of yellow cards, the player will be suspended for the next match. 

  3. In the case of 2 games in the same day if the player gets the third yellow card in the first game, he can still play the second game, but will be suspended for the first game in the next day matches

  4. If the player gets 1 Red card he gets one game suspended 

  5. If a players does any type of misconduct, the player will be disqualified for 3 matches

  6. VPL don't allow any kind of glitch (all are forbidden) if any team it's caught with a player using glitch will lose the game. its manager job control the players of their own team


8.1 Groups Stage -  Head To Head Criteria

Teams are ranked according to points (3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss), and if tied on points, the following tiebreaking criteria are applied, in the order given, to determine the rankings:

  1. Points in head-to-head matches among tied teams;

  2. Goal difference in head-to-head matches among tied teams;

  3. Goals scored in head-to-head matches among tied teams;

  4. Away goals scored in head-to-head matches among tied teams;

If more than two teams are tied, and after applying all head-to-head criteria above, a subset of teams are still tied, all head-to-head criteria above are reapplied exclusively to this subset of teams;

8.2 Group Stage -  All Group Criteria
  1. Goal difference in all group matches;

  2. Goals scored in all group matches;

  3. Away goals scored in all group matches;

  4. Wins in all group matches;

  5. Away wins in all group matches;

  6. VPL Europe club Ranking.

8.3 Final Stage(Knockout) - Away Goals
  1. If the aggregate score is level, the away goals rule is applied.

8.4 Final Stage (Knockout) - Tiebreakers Extra

In case of a tie, the teams will proceed e proceed in this way: 

  1. You will play a third game (the tie-breaker), match without the rule of the Golden goal (complete game).

  2. In case of tie after the tie-breaker (90 minutes), the match will proceed with extra time and the penalties


  1. managers add players to the roster until the time limit announced by the staff ,after the transfer market closes and it's not possible to change players all the competition.

  2. don't forget that managers have to send player contract to themselves if they play too.


  1. To ensure smooth progress in competitions, we should invite the players and managers not to talk if they don’t agree, but we invite themselves to compliment or encourage each one if necessary;

  2. Any manager that gives 2 defaults in the same international VPL competition its punished with 6 months Ban from all VPL competitions in the website

  3. Staff is required to RESPECT these Rules. 

Staff Virtual Pro League